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Draw Something Cheats News

To keep our visitors who would like to know what is happening on the site we are launching a small news update here to bring some news and stuff for our our main site and the app Draw Something Cheat.

9th of September

Not much is happening except some smaller updates for the game with words.. Recently Nokia announced it was having Draw Something available for the Nokia Asha Touch phones.

16th of June 2012

Finally some updates from our beloved game. Apparently CBS will make Draw Something into a game show. The contestants will be a mixture between celebrities and regular folks. Can’t wait for this to air.

9th of May 2012

The daily user count for Draw Something is unfortunately fading quickly. According to news it is down from 15 to 10 million people playing. We can see that here on our statistics but hopefully we will see a burst again.

3rd of May 2012

Zynga is rumoured to be offering brands the possibility to integrate drawings for them. So next time you open up Draw Something you are maybe offered “Starbucks” as a drawing.

6th of April 2012

50 million downloads in 50 days according to OMGPOP. That is some insane numbers and again a big congratulations to the company.

5th of April 2012

Beta version of OMGPOPS newest game Streets is open for more members so join up.

21st of March 2012

OMGPOP just sold to Zynga for a reported $210 million! Huge amount but we are of course thrilled, congrats.

19th of March 2012

We have just added 400 new words to the dictionary.

18th of March 2012

Draw Something reaches 30 million downloads. An amazing achievement for the game which is only 5 weeks old. Huge congratulations on the success.

17th of March 2012

Yesterday we were trying to implement a mobile version of our website but the service was not up to standard so keep coming back on your Android or iOS smartphones it will soon be awesome!.


Draw SomethingCheat News

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